Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alta Costura- sneak peak!!

Hey ladies!  Today I am giving you a sneak peak at something in the works.  I am still tweaking this polish.  I would love your feedback so feel free to comment!  Below is an un- named polish that will be in my sale on Monday.  It is a clear base with tiny salmon glitters, medium lavender glitters, and bigger orange glitters.  It also has white hexes, slices, and squares. All glitters will be matte, no shine. The polish below also has white diamonds, but I dont think the diamonds will make it.  If you would like to see the diamonds, please comment below!  Thanks for all your help!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Inside look at Hajla and Broken Sky

I wanted to share a few pics of my sweet colab with Elevation Polish!  When I was asked if I would like to be a part of this with her, I was beyond flattered.  Elevation polishes are amazing! The colors are gorgeous. The application is some of the smoothest and easiest to apply that I have ever used.  I jumped at the chance to work with her and here is an inside look at the polishes.  Now, while I love polish, my polishing skills are terrible:(   I made an attempt to do some nail art below!

Hajla is a color that must be seen IRL to capture its true beauty.  I made many attempts to get an accurate pic, but this was the best I could do.  It is a gorgeous fuchsia/purple that glides on like silk!

Also, the pics of Hajla w/ broken sky are not the greatest.  I did some pics with only the tips painted, but then went over the whole nail with it.  It ended up looking chunky on the tips, but that is why!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alta Costura and Elevation polish Colab!!!

Yes, you read it right!  Elevation polish and Alta Costura Vernis have joined together to bring you an amazing duo. This duo is designed to work together as a blend of bright, vivid and dark, and mysterious.    This set will come in  packaging special to this duo and only be sold at on May 7th. It is very limited edition in very limited quantities, so I suggest you grab them as soon as they are listed. What I also love about  it is while they are designed to work together, each color looks amazing, and can be worn in many ways.

Broken Sky- is like the clouds before the storm breaks over the mountains.  It is a beautiful mix of metallic purple glitter shreds, and iridescent hexes in different sizes.

Hajla- Like the flowers found at the base of the Hajla mountain.  Its a bright fuchsia with shimmering iridescent that lean gold/green.