Friday, February 10, 2012

Chanel Desir Glossimer -Roses Ultimes de Chanel

I recently ordered one of the new Chanel Glossimers sight unseen. It is part of the Roses Ultimes de Chanel line up.  There were quite a few to pick from!! It was difficult only choosing 1 with out seeing any swatches.  When it arrived, I realized I picked the right one!!  Chanel Desir is a gorgeous semi bright pink.  It is very hard to describe.  I can make it more subtle, or have more pop by how much I apply. This can also make it more natural, or more made up.  I like that it adds color to my lips, and is not just shiny.   It has beautiful  pink and silver shimmers in it and gives a glossy, glass like effect to your lips.  I love Glossimers and have quite a few. They never feel gritty or sticky like other glosses can.  They shine like no other and never look cheap. This color is different than any of the other ones I own.  Go check them out!  The Chanel counter near me has testers only so you can at least go and see them in person.  I am not sure about other counters, but has these for sale right now!


  1. i agree with you i love gloss for two reasons, its like a touch up and i can wear it whenever i want without it looking like 'LOUD' makeup! So i have my gloss collection with me everytime i travel or whereever i go, its easy and looks great!

  2. Beautiful pink lips, such an awesome selection.

  3. So shiny and pretty! (: It looks fabulous on you, darling.