Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird Eye Shadow

I have been lusting after Rouge Bunny Rouge delicate hummingbird for months.  It has been sold out at the only place to get it, Zuneta.  I finally got my hands on this beauty and it was worth it!!! It is gorgeous!  It is a dark sugared plum.  It sparkles without any fall out which I love!  Some have compared this shade to Chanel's fauve and while they are similar, they are different enough to need  both for me. Chanel Fauve is a very sparkly taupe.  RBR delicate hummingbird is a dark purple with hints of taupe.  I like it better than fauve.  Fauve can look a little corpse like on me as most taupe colors can.  There is none of that with hummingbird.    I also experience fall out with Fauve.  I really dislike that. Here are some comparison shots. Rouge bunny rouge is on the left, chanel fauve on the right.  Where there are 4 swatches, the 2 in the middle are of them used wet.  Same order.


  1. I love the colors! They will really make a beautiful and dramatic smokey eye! :D Thanks for the swatches

  2. great shimmer!! I'm sure it looks gorgeous on you!!

  3. Thanks Dazzler and fashionista! I need to find some other colors to go with it. Any suggestions?