Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunday Riley Blackberry Crush Creme Gloss

I recently received a few products I ordered from Sunday Riley.  The whole experience of this purchase has been disappointing!  First of all, It took Barneys well over a week to process my order.  Next, when I emailed about it, I received what I felt was a rude response.  Finally, a couple of the products were huge misses.  For $28 I expect better quality than I would get at a drugstore.  The first thing I am reviewing is the Sunday Riley Creme Gloss in Blackberry crush.  I was advised that these were very sheer and to go with the darkest looking colors for better pigmentation.  I chose a couple of the darkest ones, one being blackberry crush.  The stock photo made it look like a dark purple.  When I applied it I was very disappointed.  It has pretty much no color once applied.  It gives a good amount of shine, and feels nice on the lips, but if I wanted a clear gloss I could have paid a lot less for one.  For my swatches I applied it extremely heavily.  In my swatch it looks like a decent amount of color, but don't let that fool you.  This looks nothing like my swatch when worn on my lips.  I really like Sunday Riley blushes and have heard great things about their shadows, but this is a miss.  I also purchased sangria, and that is a lot better.  I will review that this weekend.

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