Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm in trouble! Finally used a guerlain lipgloss

I just got back from the mall.  I went just to return something and get 2 things in it's place.  While looking around I swatched Guerlains new kiss kiss gloss 870 cherry pink.  It is out of this world gorgeous!  I put some on and it immediately lit my face up!  I tried to think if I have something similar already, but I could not think of anything.  So, that meant I HAD to have it right?   It is a gorgeous sheer fuchsia pink with sparkles. It is surprisingly natural when on.  The sparkles are very subtle.  It is Guerlain after all.  Elegant.  I think this might be the nicest lipgloss I have ever used!  It is not sticky and you don't feel that gritty glitter feeling.  I think I like these better than Chanels glossimers!! I need to do a wear test and see how long it lasts. These glosses are very pricey.  Why do I have to have a taste for the finer things when I don't have the money for them??  Pictured are all the new kiss kiss glosses.  Cherry pink is on the left.  They are heavy swatches, so they look much more subtle on the lips.  You can apply more to get more of a pigmented look.

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