Saturday, January 28, 2012

Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge daily renew Cleanser

I have always found skin care reviews to be a little boring.  I guess Its is because I am such a picture girl.  When looking at magazines, I find myself skimming the pages only looking at the pictures.  This might be why I find skin care reviews a little dull. After reading a great review of  BB cream on Perilously Pale, I finally got it!  Skin care reviews ARE important in a beauty blog.  I need to pay attention to more!  So, I am doing one today!!  I recently fell in love with a cleanser.  Yes, in love with a cleanser!  I received a sample of LMDB's Peau Vierge Daily Cleanser while getting a make over from the fabulous Mikey.  He raved about how invigorating it was.  The first time I used it I saw he was right.  It was invigorating, refreshing, and all around wonderful!  It really woke me up!  I have never felt this way with a cleanser.  I don't know how it has the power to awaken, but it really does.  My skin felt clean and soft.  Not drying! After my sample ran out I went and bought a bottle.  I cant stop telling people that they must try this!!!  It smells like fresh oranges too!  Another thing I love is the top can be removed.  I dislike products that you cant open.  I find it makes for lots of waste when you are running out.  This way you can remove the top and see what is left and get it out! Here is what LMDB says-What it is: Peau Vierge Daily Renew Cleanser, featuring the VITAC COMPLEXE, is a gentle yet effective Vitamin-C infused gel cleanser designed to gently cleanse, exfoliate the skin for renewed radiance.

With rounded scrub grains, Peau Vierge Daily Renew Cleanser purifies skin for a brighter, fresh-faced complexion.

What it does for your skin:

  • Removes makeup, deep-set impurities and gently cleanses skin.
  • Exfoliates the skin as gently as a washcloth.
  • Renews radiance.


  1. Its funny you say that you look for pictures because a lot of times the meat is in the message.

  2. I know....I need to take more time to read, not just skim. My attention span can be very short at times. I must work on that!

  3. How many OZ is the bottle and how much was it? That is a huge factor when I take the plunge on new cleansers and moisturizers. I'll have to give this one a whirl. It sounds perfect for me.

  4. Hey Lu! It is 4oz and $50. You only need a little though. You should try a sample!

  5. you are a talented writer. great beauty blog! i suck at makeup and knowing what's right or not.. so i found some great inspirations here. :) had fun browsing, and i am following you now from usa! hoping we can stay connected, and wishing you all the best on your blog. :) cheers, and have a nice weekend!

  6. ^^Thanks so much!! I appreciate the comment! Off to check out your blog:)