Friday, January 20, 2012

Dior garden pastels from the Garden Party collection

For Christmas I received a gift card to Nordstroms.  As soon as I got home I saw that the new dior palettes from the Garden Party collection were available on their site.  I immediately ordered both!  Here is my review for the garden pastels.  It is a gorgeous palette with what looks to be a luminous green, a pretty blue, a sheer pink, and a couple lighter colors..  Once applied it is less vibrant, but still pretty.The colors are all shimmery, but I didn't notice much fallout. They are frosty, so you will need to add other colors  than this palette, to it.  I struggle with whether or not I should return it.  I feel I have similar colors in my collection.  They are not unique at all.  I do like the way these Dior palettes are designed with the middle topcoat color.  You layer that color on top and it gives a really pretty effect!  The quality is nice.  It is a little harder that the usual Dior palettes, but that must be from the beautiful design.  Did I mention it is beautiful???  Overall, very pretty.  If you have a large collection chances are you have similar colors already.  I am a sucker for gorgeous designs, so I bought it.  Please note these pics were taken after a long day at work.

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