Monday, January 16, 2012

maybelline 24 hour color tattoo shadow

I was up early this morning and took a fun little trip to Rite Aid.  My plans were to pick up a couple of the new maybelline cream shadows that have been getting all the rave reviews.  I also picked up one of Maybellines new bouncy blushes.  The bouncy will be going back unopened.  Read a bunch of really bad reviews just now and decided to just forget it.  Anyway, on to the review for the shadow.  I got audacious asphalt(shimmery charcoal grey), bad to the bronze(bronze), and bold gold(gold!).  I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched the 1st one, asphalt.  It really is gorgeous!  I love the little bit of sparkle it has.  It kind of reminds me of a way lighter version of Chanels illusion d ombre in mirifque.  Well, the lower budget, lighter version.  Chanels is black where as this is charcoal.  I plan on only using these as a base under other shadows.  Using this type of product as a base makes your shadow more intense and works as a primer.  2 in 1! They have been compared to MACs paint pots and I can see why.  I have not tested out all 3, but I will later.  Go check these out!  They can be hard to find.  I bought the last of the 3 I got.

 These last pics were taken with asphalt as a base under Chanels Regard Perle. The swatches do these no justice.  I need to work on my pics.  They were $6.69.  Great deal compared to MAC's $17.50.  They are available in more colors, like purple, orange, blue, white, and a few others.

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